Your Journey - Version 1.9.8 | 2017-07-29 13:53:22

Version 1.9.8

  • Bug Fixed: Map Widget doesn't display well on the mobile device

Version 1.9.7

  • Bug Fixed: Could not save Map data

Version 1.9.6

This version comes with huge updates.

  • Child Theme: If you are using Yourjourney Child instead of Yourjourney, please click on Appearance -> Edith -> Rename Yourjourney with yourjourney.
  • Map page: This version allows to create Map page for each language: 1. Please go to Pages -> Your Map page -> Cloning to the other languages. 2. Go to Posts -> Any post -> Click Purge Cache for each language. For example: We have a post called A and two clones: A - Vietnames and A - Spanish. You have to go to all three posts and click on Purge Cache button. Note that you just need to it one time, You don't have to click on B, B - Vietnamese, B - Spanish.
  • Grid Rotator: If you are using WPML plugin, when your user click on More Destinations it will lead to the MAIN language page and don't have the clone page, to solve this issue, please go to Pages -> Looking for a page called "Archive" and create clone pages.
  • Yourjourney Post Format Ui: We just re-styled Post Format, it looks better very much now. Please go to Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Installing Yourjourney Post Format Ui

Version 1.9.5

  • Added: Set thank you text in Appearance -> MailChimp
  • Added: Set thank you text in Appearance -> MailChimp

Version 1.9.4

Bug Fixed: Can not disable sidebar on the single page

Version 1.9.3

Bug Fixed: Retina Image does not found

Version 1.9.2

Bug Fixed: Comment Reset To 0 After the page is loaded. Added: Custom Thank you message for MailChimp: Appearance-> Widget -> MailChimp

Version 1.9.1

Bug Fixed: MailChimp send mutilple emails per registerstation. Wiloke Service does not found. Added: Order by for Gridrotator: Appearance -> Customize -> Settings -> Grid Rotator.

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