Apollo - Version 1.0.5

Rating ListGo - it's very meaningful with us, it give us much more energy

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My site is blank after upgrading to the latest version: https://blog.wiloke.com/site-blank-upgrading-latest-version/

Notice: If you get 404 issue after updating (For instance when you click on a Single Listing page, it redirects to a 404 page instead): From the admin sidebar, click on Permalinks -> Post Name -> Save Changes (Clicking on Save Changes even You have selected Post Name before)

Learn how to update your Listgo to the latest version https://blog.wiloke.com/learn-update-listgo-latest-version/

1.0.5: Bug Fixed: Some bug with Wiloke Design Portfolio Layout 1.0.3: Bug Fixed: Disable Three line menu doesn't work 1.0.1: Added SEO : Appearance -> Theme Options -> SEO

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