Hermes - Version 1.5.2

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My site is blank after upgrading to the latest version:

Notice: If you get 404 issue after updating (For instance when you click on a Single Listing page, it redirects to a 404 page instead): From the admin sidebar, click on Permalinks -> Post Name -> Save Changes (Clicking on Save Changes even You have selected Post Name before)

Learn how to update your Listgo to the latest version

1.5.2 - Solved Hermes's Shortcodes

Bug Fixed

  • Broken Hermes's Shortcodes

Learn how to update to update to the latest version of Hermes

  • From the admin sidebar, click on Dashboard -> Updates
  • Checked On Wiloke Hermes Shortcodes plugin -> Update it
  • Checked On Hermes theme -> Update it

1.5.1 - Includes new features

  • Added New Social Networks to User Profile
  • Post Excerpt is available now


  • What you need to do: Click on Dashboard -> Updates -> Process update the following plugins: Wiloke Hermes Shortcodes, Wiloke Hermes Widgets and Hermes theme
  • Removed: Custom Map for each map shortcode. We use only one Map theme that inserted in Appearance -> Theme Options -> Map theme now
  • Bug Fixed: Map does not display on the single page
  • Bug Fixed: Conflict Owl Carousel


  • Improved Gallery shortcode: Adding the title under the gallery item


  • Bug Fixed: You can use Minify Scripts now: Wiloke Service -> Minify scripts


  • Bug Fixed: Map API required: Please go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Mapbox theme


  • Bug Fixed: Continue Reading text didn't get by Theme Options -> Contiue Reading Text
  • Bug Fixed: Popular Post didn't show on Wiloke Poll Shortcode
  • Bug Fixed: Autoplay didn't work on Featured Slider shortcodes
  • Notice: Please update Wiloke Hermes Shortcode to date too


  • Bug Fixed: Map doesn't hide when the latitude&longitude is empty
  • New Features: Importing Demo with one click - You need to update Wiloke Hermes Extension plugin as well


  • Modern shortcode: Redirect to wrong link when click on item
  • Trip type layout: You can set a style for trip type now: Posts -> Trip Types -> Your Trip type -> selecting layout
  • Parallax Layout: Added affection to parallax layout


  • Bug Fixed: Broken Notification.


  • Bug Fixed: Could not show the image presention of website on Facebook. To solve this bug: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Seo -> Uploading Image presention and enter in your Facebook API key.


  • Added Visit Website Action: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Single -> Visit Company Website Action. You also need to update Wiloke Hermes Shortcode too
  • Added Mapbox Access Token: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Genaral -> Mapbox Token


  • Bug Fixed: Breadcrumb


  • Bug Fixed: Map on Mobile devices


  • Bug Fixed: Map does not work - Please update Wiloke Hermes Shortcode as well. Search doesn't work.
  • Added: Enqual Sizes for modern shortcode: Expand Modern Shortcodes and Set enable for Enqual Sizes

1.3.4, 1.3.5

  • Bug Fixed: Modern shortcode: Mobile doesn't clickable. Scroll Top doesn't work Featured Slider does not work


  • Added: Modern Shortcode is clickable. Allow replacing trip type slug: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Advanced Settings

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